Get to Know Grandview Heights, Ohio

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link to Broadview Mews

Broadview Mews

Why Do People Live Here?The Broadview Mews is a beautiful condominium complex that sits conveniently close to downtown Grandview, OH. You can easily walk out your door and are less than a...

link to Summit Chase

Summit Chase

Summit Chase is one of the rare high rises outside of the downtown metro area. This building was constructed in the 1960s, which is evident in mid-century modern architecture. While it was...

link to The Heights

The Heights

Why Do People Live Here?The Heights is a high-end, high-rise condominium building that sits right on Grandview Ave, in downtown Grandview, OH.   The official address is 1475 W 3rd Ave....

link to Grandview Yard

Grandview Yard

The Grandview Yard is a newer development on the East side of Grandview close to Downtown Columbus. There is a mixture of single-family homes, town-homes, high-rise condos, apartments, retail, and...